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Maker's Select Steel Tip 19.25g MS0001-SL

Maker's Select Steel Tip 19.25g MS0001-SL

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Beautiful steel tip dart of the same design used in matches regularly by Charlie.

This dart features shallow square cuts in the rear with axial grooves to help solidly indicate your fingers in the same location every time. The front features 9 helical slots for a great feel to indicate a resting finger without any grip that would snag on release. The nose tapers into a 30mm Target Onyx Storm Point.

  • Balance: Center
  • Weight: 22.5g ±0.03g
  • Length: 50.0mm
  • Width: 6.3mm
  • Material: 95% Tungsten

As with all Maker's Select darts any purchased points can be installed free of charge. If a lower weight is desired we can reduce the weight of this barrel for you at no cost.