Tangent Darts is currently not accepting new commissions to focus on existing work. New commissions will open again soon. Thank you for your support.

Expedited Production

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If you need your darts produced as quickly as possible we're happy to offer expedited services ensuring your barrels are on the lathe and created as quickly as you need.

If your dart is still in the design phase and you require expedited production we will make every effort to work through your design with you as quickly as possible to limit time before beginning work on your barrels.

As always discounted rush shipping is available on checkout if the standard free First Class does not fit your needs.


Price is for a single set of darts. If you wish to expedite multiple sets please reach out and we can discuss your needs.

Please reach out through the communication method we're using for your dart design to discuss expedited shipping before purchase to ensure your design can be produced in the time window you're looking for.