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Derek Jones Signature Barrel

Derek Jones Signature Barrel

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Derek's barrels feature a straight barrel with a bull nose. The front grip features deep rings with micro-style grip on the raised portions for a high level of hold on the barrel. The rear grip features widely spaced square cuts for another, but different, strong grip location.
As with all signature barrels, Derek's barrel is customizable to fit your perfect dimensions and weight. If your ideal dimensions and weight are not listed here please contact us about making this barrel to best suit your throw.
Derek's barrels:
  • Diameter: 6.50mm
  • Length: 50.0mm
  • Weight: 23.0g
  • Material: 95% Tungsten

Any features not modifiable on order will be similar to Derek's barrels, EX: length is 50mm unless you have contacted us to change that.

Signature barrels are made to order and require a time window for production. The maximum time for shipment is 2 weeks with almost every order going out in under 1 week from the time of purchase.