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3D Dart Sample
3D Dart Sample

3D Dart Sample

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Feel your custom dart in your hands by turning your custom design we've been working on into a physical 3D model.

Ensure grip is in the right location for you and the dart feels right in your hand. While we always work to ensure the rendering provided helps bridge that gap between your idea and the dart we create. Sometimes it just helps to have something in your hand to feel when trying to make a decision.

Purchasing the 3D model of your dart will discount your custom machined dart $5 if we decide to go forward with your design.

The 3D model will be a nearly identical copy of your dart within the limitations of the technology used. Some sharp corners may be slightly rounded compared to a machined dart and the weight will be lower than a tungsten dart.

Machined dart is shown to reference the quality of the 3D sample only, it is not included.