Tangent Darts is currently not accepting new commissions to focus on existing work. New commissions will open again soon. Thank you for your support.

The Tangent Darts Process

The Tangent Darts process is specifically designed to ensure the dart idea in your mind becomes your perfect dart for match play.

Rather than require you to know CAD, have a detailed sketch, or fit any standard grips onto a barrel we ensure our process helps to create any idea you have into a custom barrel with no limitations.

The general process is:

  1. Idea Gathering
  2. Tangent Darts creates a 3D model
  3. Repeat 2 with revisions until perfect
  4. Machining
  5. Customer Review
  6. Invoicing/Shipment


Idea Gathering

When gathering ideas we can run with as little or as much information as you're able to provide. If you have a sketch with dimensions of the darts you're looking for, great! If you have a rough idea of two darts you like the grip on but would like a barrel with both in a certain size, we can do that! Just have some rough ideas and want us to put it all into a model to help zero in on your perfect dart, no problem! What we can't do is recreate an existing barrel regardless of age, we can only take inspiration from existing designs to create your own custom barrel.


3D Modeling

We'll take your ideas and create your own custom design and present you with a 3D model of what your darts will look like. From here we'll know everything about the dart including the balance point. We can go through as many iterations as necessary to ensure your dart is perfect for you with images and data to back it all up.



Now that your darts design is nailed down and a 3D model agreed upon your darts will be machined. Machining time varies from set to set but once started a dart is typically ready for review and shipment within a week, if you require your darts sooner we offer expedited processing. Throughout the machining process you will be notified with photos of your barrels progressing from raw stock to the final product.



Once your darts are complete, brought to final weight (+/-0.02g), and cleaned up high quality photos of your darts will be sent for your review. At this point your darts should be identical to the 3D model agreed upon before machining began. If there is anything off at this time re-manufacturing can happen. If you would like additional photos or video of your custom darts before invoicing we'd be more than happy to provide that.



Tangent Darts never requires payment until your darts are complete and you've reviewed final images of your darts and are happy with the outcome. As we do not nickel and dime for different grip configurations you will always know the price of your set before work begins on your custom darts. All the design and modeling steps before this ensure your darts are exactly as you expected with no surprises or modifications. We can send an invoice via PayPal or through tangentdarts.com, whichever is easiest for you.