Tangent Darts is currently not accepting new commissions to focus on existing work. New commissions will open again soon. Thank you for your support.


Return Policy

See return policies here.


Revision Policy


As unlimited revisions would be simple to abuse a few common sense restrictions apply. The intent of unlimited revisions is to not limit the creative process of designing a custom dart on either end so both Tangent Darts and the potential customer can see changes and think about them while perfecting the dart. Tangent Darts also realizes changing ones mind completely on a design is all part of the process, so throwing out a design and starting over is acceptable if done within reason. If the number of times that happens becomes excessive action may be taken to avoid potential abuse. Those actions include but are not limited to: a deposit may be required for the custom dart being designed, a requirement of a CAD design for any future designs, recommendation of other manufacturers to work with.