Tangent Darts is currently not accepting new commissions to focus on existing work. New commissions will open again soon. Thank you for your support.


What's the easiest way to get a custom set?

Send us a message or an email and we'll start the conversation on what exactly you're looking for and how we can help get those darts in your hands. Include some details on what you might be interested in: grip type; grip location; width; length; weight; steel or soft tip.

What do I need to provide?

An idea. Literally all that's needed to get the process started is an idea of what you're looking for. From there we'll refine that idea into a dart. Renderings of your custom barrel will be provided before any metal is ever removed. Your approval and contributions are vital to your custom set. If you have a drawing of what you're looking for that's fantastic but we're here to help go from communicated ideas to a barrel you're confident throwing.

When do I pay?

You only pay when the darts are complete and you're happy with photos that have been sent to you. Once the invoice is paid the darts will ship to you.

How long does it take?

Once we've nailed down a design the lead time to shipping is around 2 weeks.

How much does a custom set cost?

A custom dart can cost as little as $75 USD. There are a few options that could change that price but there will never be any surprises and you're always a part of that conversation. Shipping is free first class USPS in the US, reduced cost internationally and we do not collect or pay any VAT/duties/import.

Do you make soft tip or steel tip?

Either! We can make anything you're looking for. For steel tip we press in a standard black point but can easily work with you on a different point. Soft tip darts are 2BA threaded and will accept any standard points.

What kind of Tungsten do you use?

We offer 90%, 95%, and 97% tungsten.

I throw X barrel by Y manufacture, can you make it but with Z?

We can take inspiration from an existing barrel and make it something all your own. I cannot build a barrel that someone would see and believe was the original. The original manufacturer deserves their rights to their intellectual property and I don't plan on getting anywhere near that. If you want the shape of the Cobra with the grip of the Daytona Fire in 97% with a storm point, we can do that.