Tangent Darts is currently not accepting new commissions to focus on existing work. New commissions will open again soon. Thank you for your support.

Tangent Darts is Closing

My mission when I started Tangent Darts was always to provide precision made darts at a fair price. I've maintained the utmost pride in what I've created for all of my customers, and that pride is evident beginning with the care I put into the design process to ensure the dart is exactly what you have envisioned and ending with ensuring the dart is held to high tolerances you would expect from a quality product.


With every order received, the process was the same. I work from start to finish sending design renderings, photos of the darts as they progress, and photos of the final darts before shipping so you know the darts you envisioned are exactly what show up on your doorstep. As Tangent Darts took off, timelines began to be pushed back further and further.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the demand while putting out the quality product Tangent Darts has become known for.


In an attempt to meet the demand I expanded the Tangent Dart team to assist with customer communication and office management allowing me to spend as much time as possible designing and machining darts. Initially the additional help allowed me to complete a few more orders and add new grip styles and techniques, but now even with the additional help I've  been struggling to dedicate the time I need to move orders out at any sort of reasonable pace.


The most important thing to me has always been the people within the darts community. I was never in this to get rich and I’ve never been paid from Tangent Darts. I've always put every dime back into the business or out into the local darts community. I started because I enjoy provide community that welcomed me with open arms.


This has been a very difficult decision to make for a while. I don’t take lightly that I'm letting down scores of you for plenty of different reasons. I apologize to all of you.  As I found myself letting down the same folks time and time again and continuing to slip further and further behind, I knew a tough decision had to be made. My original goals and promises made were continuing to move out of reach.


What all this means is that I will be closing Tangent Darts for an indefinite period of time. I’ve personally reached out to those of you with orders scheduled to be worked on this week and it is my intent to fulfil those orders in a reasonable time. For those of you who have received a fully finalized design, I will be sending you a complete print of your dart barrel. You are welcome to take that to another custom dart manufacturer or machinist with all the upfront work completed.


Since I have not accepted any money upfront, there is nothing to refund. However, I want to ensure you’re still able to take your ideas and bring them to life for your perfect dart. I need to take some time to regroup, evaluate the mistakes and see whether, and if, I can do this another way while still meeting all commitments.


I am extremely grateful for the hundreds of fans who gave Tangent Darts a chance and loved what I was able to do here.